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Welcome to the new website of
Rotaryclub Sittard

In the early 1900s, Chicago attorney Paul Harris was deeply concerned about the

indifference in human relations. On February 23, 1905, he invited four friends,

a coal merchant, a textile merchant, mining engineer and

a printer to their home to see if they have these proportions

could improve. These meetings continued on a weekly basis.

Always at one of the people's homes. Later here came the

name Rotary. Rotary became the world's

oldest and one of the largest services clubs.

Rotary International is an organization with more than

1.4 million members. The Rotary organization consists of two

independent units, namely Rotary International, which can be seen as our umbrella association of Rotary Clubs and Rotary Foundation, the organization that manages the funds for the charitable causes we pursue.

Rotary International is headed by a President assisted by a Board of Directors. The world is divided into 33 zones and 530 districts, each with its own district governor. Each district is subdivided into regions with Rotary clubs. There are more than . in the world

46000 clubs that annually elect their own president.

Rotary Netherlands has approximately 500 clubs with more

than 15,500 members.

The enthusiastic members of Rotaryclub Sittard are actively

involved in for social causes and would like to do something

selfless mean to someone else. Our members are from

diverse professional groups and there is therefore a lively

exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Our club's motto is: ' Say what you do and do what you say '.

At our two weekly club meetings on Monday evenings there is a speaker from our own ranks or a guest speaker. The topics discussed are very diverse and often linked to current events.

The club organizes several activities every year, the proceeds of which are donated to social causes. In addition, activities for special target groups are organized and companies in the region are visited.

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Rotaryclub Sittard is looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to volunteer for social charities in a club where it is good to stay and where teamwork, respect and

friendship are of paramount importance.

As a global network striving to build a world in which people unite and take action to create lasting change, we value diversity and recognise contributions from all walks of life. Take action to create lasting change, we value the diversity and knowledgable contributions of of people from

all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, colour,

ability, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, gender, sexual

orientation and gender identity.

See the video on the left about "Top 5 Rotary membership

myths debunked" why you wouldn't want to become a Rotary


So just do it. Are you interested and do you also want a stone

don't hesitate and contact us to make an appointment for

an informative conversation and to to visit us on one of

the Club Evenings.

Rotaryclub Sittard works in the region together with the following friendly Rotaryclubs: RC Geleen,

RC Elsloo Maaskant, RC Sittard Geleen Deux-Villes, regional  Rotaract clubs , RBC and

Aid Fund for Developing Countries in Africa Foundation

Our sister club is RC Hasselt-Herckenrode (B)

Club meetings are held on:

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