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Annually recurring projects

Rotaryclub Sittard organizes annual events for the benefit of

local charities and or institutions

Wish tree action during Wintjerdruim

Wish tree Rotaryclub Sittard and Kiwanis Sittard : Christmas presents for children

Traditionally, the clubs are back on the market during the Wintjerdruim with the Wish Tree (for Ich & Dich)!


On Thursday evening, December 13 from 4 pm and Saturday December 15 from 10 am, the members of the clubs on the Markt in Sittard will hand out children's wish lists to the shopping public.

The clubs try to collect as many Christmas presents as possible. The gifts (of approximately €10) are for children in the Sittard-Geleen region, for whom it is not obvious to receive a Christmas present.

One in seven children in our municipality lives below the poverty line. The clubs are trying to reach those children with this action. They receive a present from their wish list, which is bought especially for them by the people who go shopping in Sittard.

In recent years, visitors to Sittard have massively supported the Wish Tree with the help of many, such as the students of Da Capo College. The members of the clubs, also on behalf of the children, are very grateful for this. This year we again invite you to come to the Wish Tree and we hope for your generous participation in this promotion.

Book fair on St. Joep market

Rotaryclub Sittard is again organizing the annual Book Fair on the St. Joep fair on 19 March.

The Book Fair starts at 08.00 and lasts until

approx. 5:00 pm. The location is, just like in previous years, in the Maria Park (Oude Markt 18).

We are still looking for good quality second-hand books. Everything is welcome, except textbooks, Readers Digest, bouquet novels and the like. We are also interested in CDs and LPs.

Every year we look for a different regional charity that can use financial support.

This year the proceeds will go to De Talentenschool and to the maintenance of the Maria Park .


Movie nights in nursing homes


Rotaryclub Sittard organizes a movie night every year at three nursing homes in Sittard:

the Kollenberg, the Baenje and Hoogstaete.

We will then provide a film about a subject that is tailored as best as possible to the residents of those homes.

In the evenings we pick up residents with walking difficulties, if they wish, from their room and we serve coffee, a glass of wine or soft drink and snacks, which we prepare together with the staff and volunteers of the homes.


A small gesture that is much appreciated.

Autumn evening lectures in November

Rotaryclub Sittard has been organizing every year in November, 4 Monday evenings in a row, Autumn Evening Lectures each year that have a different theme or are devoted to:

  • 2004, Developments in healthcare

  • 2005, Europe

  • 2006, Sittard-Geleen

  • 2007, Islam

  • 2008, China

  • 2009, Credit Crisis

  • 2010, Leadership

  • 2011, Social Media

  • 2012, Sustainability

  • 2013, Water

  • 2017, Internet of Things

  • 2018, Democracy

  • 2019, Nutrition

Uitnodiging Herfstavondlezingen 2022, Thema Onderwijs.

Benefit meal, Bie Zefke

Every year we eat at the Bie Zefke Inloophuis in Sittard.

That is a place you can just walk into – 365 days a year. Without having to explain why. Without 'request for help' or 'need for care'. For a sandwich and a cup of soup, practical advice, a chat and some attention,

Rotaryclub Sittard donates an amount for the food and the proceeds of this are intended for the annual outing of the volunteers of the walk-in house.

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