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The Foundation Aid Fund for Developing Countries in Africa was established in 2002 by Rotarians from Rotaryclub Sittard 

  • Objective: The aim of the foundation is to provide support in the field of (medical) care and education, especially to institutions and individuals established in African developing countries.


  • Activities: The foundation's main activity is the running  of a sponsorship program for the primary education of orphans at a boarding school in Mbarrara in Uganda. Every year we look for a number of sponsors who are willing to pay for the costs of education and accommodation at the school of an orphaned child for a period of seven years. The foundation takes care of the recruitment of sponsors,  the preparation of the notarial documents and the agreements with the school, the correspondence and reports on the progress of the children. The program currently comprises 37 children and involves a flow of money of approximately ten thousand euros annually.

  • In addition, the foundation financially supports various charities that present themselves through a lecture or otherwise at Rotary Club Sittard. Incidentally, the resources available for this are limited.

For more information, visit the website

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